Review since Christmas! - By S. Blake

I have now tried skinny chips, chunky chips, potato wedges (with & without skins) and parsnips wedges. Boy have I been busy, NOT! Chop, wash, dry, place in actifry and walk away :) Everything has been crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

The cooking times have had to be worked out by myself depending on the volume cooked but 1kg would normally take me 45 mins (40 mins stated in the recipe book). I have been 110% happy with the cooking results of the Actifry and today had my first meal using alternative carbs since receiving this as a Christmas present! It's hard to estimate what 1kg of chips looks like but depending on what you're having with them whether it's enough for 2, or possibly 3 adults. Possibly enough for a small appetite family of 2 adults & 2 young kids.

The timer is VERY quiet and as other reviews have suggested I use the oven timer instead. This is the only part that actually needs improvement on the unit and as it's not electrical (it's battery operated) it therefore doesn't turn the actifry off when the timer is up. If you're in the kitchen when the timer goes off then you'll hear it but if in a different room watching the TV you'd miss it.

Even though the price is high for the actifry I would still reccommend ANYONE to buy this whether they are conscientious of their fat intake or not.