An Excellent Alternative - Review By J. Mckenzie

I was very dubious about buying an Actifry after reading the mixed reviews, but after using it a few times I'm won over.

One of the main benefits of this machine is the ability to cook 1kg of chips at once, and unlike a traditional fryer where you have to continually check progress, with the Actifry you pop the chips in, add a spoon of oil, set the timer, and you can happily leave it doing its thing while you do yours.

You have to make sure fresh chips are totally dry before you put them in or they do come out soggy. We also use a full spoon of oil and find this gives much tastier results.

It gives off very little smell while cooking, and after a hour or so you would have no idea chips had been cooked in your kitchen ( unlike a deep fat fryer that leaves a horrid linger for ages )

I agree the timer could be better and should switch off when the cooking time is up.

But apart from this its a great buy!